Regarding Encanto El Faro

We would like to make the distinction between our property and Encanto El Faro.

During the construction of El Faro, Encanto Resorts was appointed the administrator of the property by the original developers, which is mandatory by Mexican law until such time that the Home Owner's Association was formed. Luis Garcia, president of Encanto, took advantage of that role and misappropriated funds from both the HOA and the owners rental revenues.

On September 17th, 2013 the HOA was formerly appointed and Luis Garcia resigned after being exposed for theft, fraud and mismanagement. Encanto no longer has affiliation with any aspect of the property.

We are Residences El Faro and with the assistance of our operations manager Silvia Antonini and her administration and maintenance team, we are now a self-managed property.

Encanto did not own any property and have no condominiums to rent. Please be aware that if you have any reservation with them the information is unrecorded and unauthorized. They have not contacted clients to advise them to make alternate arrangements, nor do they have any plans to reimburse anyone. We recommend that you notify your credit card company and try to recover your payment for services non rendered. We hope you are able to retrieve your funds.

We are all in a difficult predicament, and regret that it affects you and your travel plans. We were collectively defrauded by a thief, which we have asked the authorities to pursue.

You may attempt to contact Luis Garcia of Encanto at, or by phone at 52 1 998 214 2261.